How to Create Products in Less than a Week that Your Clients Will Love

one productivity lesson that will cure your anxiety
This One Productivity Lesson that will Cure Your Anxiety
August 8, 2017
Info Products


Yes!! So you saw or interested in finding other ways to create passive income besides the usual waiting on Clients to come. A lot of therapist and service based businesses don’t realize how much there missing out in the online world with he information that you know. You can do this by what I call information products. Knowledge you already know and using it to help others. Creating an information product from scratch can seem exciting (scratch that) daunting. But lucky for you, when it’s broken down into a step-by-step process, it suddenly becomes a lot easier. In fact, you can write an extremely high-quality informational product in under a week if you follow this process.

 Step 1: Research

There are a few things you need to research before you even write the first word.

* The Market – Now, yes you are a counselor or social worker but sometimes your topics can be too general. Instead of trying to be everything to everybody focus on a group who you love working with. For example, individuals with anxiety after an affair or depressed individuals after losing a loved one. You see how I am getting specific. This can take some time if you aren’t sure what to write but think about these items to get your brain wires going

What are the gaps in the market? What are the questions people have that aren’t being adequately answered? What are “hot” trends right now in the market that people are focused on?

* Other products – What questions are already answered? What prices are they charging? What kind of media are they using? What are the main selling points your competitors are using?

* Information – This is by far the lengthiest and most important part. Do in-depth research on your subject to supplement what you already know. Look for little-known yet useful information.

* Expand your search beyond the internet – Check out books from the library and consult industry experts. Do as much research as possible to make sure you create an A+ product.


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Step 2: Outlining and Drafting

Yay!! you got through the hard part now we got to pull all of it together. Start by outlining all the things you’ll cover in
your information product. If after outlining it you feel that something’s missing, go back to doing your research and fill in the blanks.

Once you have a solid outline, just start writing. Write as quickly as possible, with little attention on spelling or grammatical errors. The goal is to just write the first draft as quickly as possible.

Once you have the first draft finished, which shouldn’t take more than a few days if you’re a fast typer, then set the draft down and take a break. Leave it aside for a day and do something completely unrelated.

Step 3: Editing and Finalizing

Look back on your first draft with a critical eye. Look at your work ruthlessly and cut out anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Add in details that you may have missed the first time. See it from the eyes of your customers and ask yourself what this person needs to really get the answers they’re looking for.

Keep on refining until you feel that you have a product you can publish. At that point, give it to a friend or colleague to look over. Take their feedback and make any last-minute improvements.

That’s it! Creating an information product can seem like an endless task when you’re sitting there with a blank document staring at you. But once you break it down into research, outline, draft, edit and peer review, the whole process becomes a lot easier. With some practice, it’ll quickly become second nature!

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