How to Increase Your Productivity and Transform Your Business (10 Amazing Tips)

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August 8, 2017
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August 22, 2017
Increase Your Productivity

Increase Your Productivity

Now, wait a minute before you go know that this might be you.

Are you to busy or don’t have time to any of your goals done?

Even though your busy or what I like to call exhausted but trying to start a Killer profitable business then this is for you.

If you’re tired of doing the same thing everyday and getting the same outcome then this is for you.

It’s time to make a change and there is nothing wrong with getting the help to stop being “busy” with stressful task of balancing family, work and business and time to get the help.

Frankly, I’m so glad you’re hear because it shows your want to make the progress.

Your actually super star to ask for help with productivity to start a business before you have yet another year of no goals accomplished, no business started which in turn means another year of stress, no income, no goals you made for new years accomplished.

So, let’s get into you making the most of your days if you’re number one problem is “I don’t have time.” I have 10 solutions for you that will change the game but only if you’re ready to make it happen. Pss.. I also have a bonus for you that gives these tips in order so you can always have this with you. Trust me on this

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

You have to prepare in advance if you want your day to go right. I tried the whole remembering at the top of my head. It doesn’t work. If it has worked for you i will be impressed. Get your to do list together tonight to plan for tomorrow. When holding it in and thinking about everything you have to do that is what causes the stress.

Schedule that time

It takes under 5 minutes, and does wonders. Organizing your day  saves sooooo much time. I hope you feel my emphasis on that “so” because it’s just that big.  Schedule your time In a journal or planner you already know what needs to get accomplished and feel instantly productive when it gets done.

Stand up for your phone calls

Yes, simply standing helps with those little conversations that turn into long ones that me and you love to do. Simply standing during a phone call shortens the call which equals to save time. If you notice when your sitting your more likely to be involved in a long chatting conversation.

Just those alone will help you with your business. But if you need even more to have under your belt because the more saved time the better. I have this instant guide for you for the best hacks to triple your business growth
Download: Productivity Hack Guide

Say NO

You have to say no to the next baby shower, or dinner invite to the person who really don’t give a sh*t about. Excuse the language but that’s how serious it is. We are cutting that OUT.

2 minute-rule

Now, this one is super simple but craziness how putting it off takes too much time. Now the 2 minute rule is if you have an added task/acitvity that can be done under two minutes then DO IT NOW! Planning for it later makes the task even longer

E-mail Scheduling

If you already did number #2 make sure you put in the times to check your e-mail this will cut the unnecessary time that you check your email throughout the day into a scheduled block time so you can make the most of the hours you do have. This is what I want you to do use inbox zero or helps to manage your e-mail so only the important emails go to your inbox. Make sure to set small amounts of time to check your e-mail every couple of hours then make sure once you read either respond, if it’s an action write the task down or if it’s a great reference use the evernote app or delete.

Make phone calls in batches.

I knot it’s tempting oh so tempting to answer every single phone call or messages but you have things to get done. You don’t have time to waste especially when you’re in the flow. Use that good ole’ planner to set time to respond back to your phone calls in batches. One on one takes a little longer and don’t forget to stand to make it short and sweet.

Progress not perfection

Use 5 minutes to get an item started to begin getting in the flow. Yes, your child might disturb you or you might be one of the lucky ones that they do’t bother for you awhile. ( So lucky) but don’t let that get you down you’re a lot farther then you were 5 minutes ago. It’s about you taking the steps forwards not about it always being perfect.

Oh that 80/20 rule

I thought this deal only applied to relationships at first you know the “you’re only going to get 80% of what you want out of your relationship.” but no this saves a max amount of time. Write down your entire to do list and pick 1-2 larger times that will generate results or if it was the only thing you did for today it would make you satisfied.  Out of your entire to do list only about  20% will produce great results.

Take Breaks

You’re probably surprised to see how taking breaks will save you time. I’m not about that working 80 hour a work week life. i genuinely want you to work but enjoy your family, vacations, travel. Life is stressful as it is I don’t want you to burn out or be overwhelmed by continuously working harder and not getting the results you want. It’s unrealistic to think you’ll be stuck at your desk all day doing work. Take breaks even for 5 minutes. So, let’s say you work 30-60 minute straight then after you’re “30” minutes is up take a break. It helps you recharge to get back at it again.

Whew! I know that it’s a lot of tips at once. Of course I want to simplify it for you so i did broken up breakdown of when to do these task so it can be placed into action. It will save you time, feel accomplished and overall happier to know your even closer to your goals.

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