This One Productivity Lesson that will Cure Your Anxiety

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July 14, 2017
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one productivity lesson that will cure your anxiety
Are you constantly feeling worried or anxious?

And feel that nobody understands that you have a lot going on? Just know you’re not a long were in this together and will get through this.

After awhile, dealing with a business , husband, kids, working full time, activities, friends- well the ones you kept around after kids- trust me I get it. We got to be realistic and sometimes it gets too much.


I recently had my second son, then moved to a new area, trying to meet new moms, making time for husband, clean, cook, go to the nearest family events, chasing my oldest a toddler, getting no rest with a newborn and forgot to mention the toddler tantrums,hormones going everywhere, I was tired exhausted. I mean literally crying every single week sometimes over three times a day I was always overwhelmed, tired and pretty much unhappy.


Can you relate? Are there times where your feeling exhausted and even though you try to do everything nothing is getting done. As months went on I still felt out of place, worried constantly and disorganized until one day looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I was seeing.

I was falling behind in my business and personal life and it was as though I was addicted to worrying constantly , being less productive while lets be realistic not at all productive and all this did was made me feel worse.

It took awhile but you know what I realized I was doing too much and it had to stop.  The one productivity lesson I learned is that I need to stop multitasking and focus on one task at a time.

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Yes, we have long to do list and think that if we multitask we are amazing but frankly, nothing is getting accomplished and only getting half your time.


Research shows, that only 2 % of people can multitask effectively.

Right only 2 %


So that other 98% are decreasing their productivity without even knowing it.


Honestly, multitasking can literally decrease your productivity by 40%.


We don’t realize we multitask because we become so use to it such as checking emails all through out the day, checking Facebook or instagram, watching tv. It all adds up to hours that aren’t productive because of trying to multitask.


The productivity lesson of focusing on one task at a time literally changed the game for me. I want to show you the exact steps I did to make this happen.


1) Write down your goal and pick a task

2) Give me a set amount of minutes or hours that I think it would take

3) cut that in half and time yourself as if you were in a deadline.


Yep 3 steps that simple.

Productivity doesn’t have to be stressful sometimes having too much information and not focusing can be too much in this FREE COURSE  no gimmicks, no leading into courses to pay just simply wanting you to save yourself time to maximize in your business.

Half the time we give ourselves unnecessary long deadlines where out to do list never gets done. I want you to be able to have this steps with you below I put a infographic for you so you can keep these steps with you and have a bonus question I use everyday to ask myself whether I’m being productive or not to stop my anxiety.


I’m telling you, you will be absolutely surprised how much you get done when you give yourself mini deadline to race the clock.

What is your best productivity lesson you have learned so far?

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