Our apparel is officially OPEN!! You will find the latest trends and styles to our store. I hope your as excited as we are. There will be more coming and they come in different colors as well make sure to let us know what colors you want if you don’t see the colors you like. You can purchase all our shirts here

NPH shirtNPH curls and wine enough saidnphalldaymycurlsslay

Feel free to shop around and make sure to tag us with your cute pictures in our apparel. Click here or below.

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10 Ways to Make Money without One on One sessions

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You have your degree and your experience great! But you don't have to be stuck doing one on one sessions constantly. It's time to create that passive income while you sleep. How does an extra four figures sound starting out? You wouldn't have to worry to rely on clients constantly again. The best part is more time doing the things you really want being with family, friends, vacation and still making money.

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