So Your Natural now What? Are you struggling with your hair or having a difficult time finding the right products? 


                                                Owners of Natural Power of HER

Hello and Welcome to Natural Power of Her! Our names are Samantha and Bianca, and we want to welcome you into our inner circle. We strive to empower women to live fearlessly and embrace their natural hair. If you need a little insight in what we do we are Natural Hair Event Planners, Bloggers, Brand Ambassadors, Product Reviews, Speakers and Coaches.

As each day goes by, we began to notice a trend in everyone from our friends, our colleagues, and even strangers that a lot of women are struggling with their natural hair. It can be scary returning back to natural we completely get it. We want to make this an easy process for you and we know how important it is to have support during this time. We had our own personal journey’s (Samantha’s hair journey) and ( Bianca’s hair journey) that we had to go through to get where we are today. On top of getting to know your own hair having to depend on a stylist can be a pain in the butt. By no means are we ever downing styles because the pampering can be a dream but what we don’t is to have to depend on stylist to maintain out hair because it can get extremely pricey. We built this community to help you to feel fearless when it comes to being natural so you can rock it out with no turning back.

Natural Hair is not a death sentence and doesn’t have to feel difficult it’s all about knowing what your doing and what products to work with.

Your New Circle Of Friends—And Your Naturalista Besties 

Even if you have amazing friends and family, they may not give you the best advice on what works for your hair—and although they have your best intentions in mind, they may not understand. That is why we are here.

Allow The Natural Power of Her to provide you with a circle of likeminded sisters who will cheer you on, inspire you, and hold you accountable to loving your hair again or even more.  A community who will share their stories and their struggles along the way, in an effort to know that your not alone.

We are here to support you through your natural hair journey

After hearing so many women struggling with their hair we thought maybe events would help but everyone has their own need when it comes to their hair so were opening up personal natural hair shopper services that will help you in your journey for the DMV and Richmond, VA area. By all means we are not hairstylist, we are 2 women who have a passion for helping women feel better about their hair and themselves. When returning natural it’s a new journey of a self love process we get it and completely understand.

Look at on of our Natural Hair Personal Shopper Packages to see if this best fits your needs (Women or Children (parent must be present if meeting up)

Naturalista Consultation: You want to discuss more about your hair needs. What are your struggles with your natural hair. This is the time to talk about you and to get recommendations.

Naturalista with a Plan: You are struggling with a natural hair routine. You want someone to go with you to the store to discuss what to get and what would work for your hair. If too busy to go to the store you want us to personally purchase the items for you and bring it to you at a distinct location.

Naturalista Exclusive: Discuss your natural hair needs, develop a routine, personal shopper to the store or customize shop online for you. Meet up at a distinct location discuss what products will do for you hair and show you on a small section of your hair to help you better understand your hair routine. Write down a plan for you to maintain a routine

Naturalista VIP: Discussing your natural hair needs, develop a routine, personal shopper to the store or customize shop online for you. Meet up to discuss what products will do for you hair even and help you learn how to do 1 Natural Hair style yourself which can include (bantu knots, braid, braid outs, flat twist, flat twist out or wash n go), Write down a plan for you to maintain a routine

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The Natural Power of Her is also proud to support natural beauty and haircare. We feature many natural haircare events throughout the year. Whether you are looking to ditch your weave once and for all, or are ready to abandon your harsh chemical relaxers and styling products—we can help you to make the transition to natural haircare to develop your signature style! If you haven’t already make sure to sign up for our V.I.P Besties List to keep up with all the updates , monthly newsletter and our upcoming E-Books!

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